The old exchange building Bukit Nanas is located at the intersection of Jalan Gereja and Jalan Raja Chulan over the age of 82 years (1928-2010) was declared a historic landmark by the National Archives of Malaysia Negara. As such , the building was used as a telecommunications museum Malaysia's premier. This three-storey building provides an excellent museum exhibit space and features an impressive history .

This item is a commitment to Telekom Malaysia (TM) as a major telecommunications company in the country to preserve the historical heritage of interest and roles throughout the industry for the country, people and economy. On April 14, 2005, Telekom Malaysia is known as the window opened towards a future vision that we enjoy today. The museum is also a historical legacy for the gaze of tourists.

Originally the old buildings of architectural or design features neo-classical Greek has been proposed to be demolished in 1984. A complex of TM, 26 new levels will be established at this site. But in 1985, Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad (now ex-minister and the title of Tun) has intervened in this case. Tun suggested that the building is maintained. He was so impressed with this building because of its architectural heritage which has its own history. This building was gazetted for conservation to maintain the beauty and architecture.

In 1989 and 1992 repairs and renovations have been done. TM has spent a total of RM 10 million, RM 7 million for repairs and renovation as well as RM 3 million for the work of the exhibition.

The original museum building is made TM was built in 1928. The building was used as a manual telephone exchange, and in 1938, the exchange of mechanical step by step the first in Malaysia to be installed in this building. The building was originally designed to shape the plan 'G' and a corridor that borders on a tennis serve.

With an elevated wooden floor-girder steel girders have been constructed at the top to adjust the work of underground cable to the board of the telephone operator. Because of the exchange building designs that are practical, so the front was decorated with a classical building. Symmetric glazed windows and decorative elements that display architectural styles from neo-classical notion, taken from pattern books of the 19th century has been installed. The architecture features a unique building is a row of tall columns Ionia 2 level which is flanked by two towers, built against the Jalan Gereja


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Establishment of Museum Telekom is one step from Telekom Malaysia is responsive to preserve the history and social importance of the telecommunications industry for the country, people and economy. Telekom Museum is a landmark achievement of excellence in the field of communications.

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